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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our brand-new magazine "What's for Dinner?" designed specifically for Christian families with young kids ages 4-11.

"What's for Dinner?" is a faith formation magazine first and foremost.

It is packed with Bible lessons, life lessons, games, riddles, lavish illustrations, and fun activities that make it easy for busy parents to transform ordinary moments into sacred, faith-nurturing connections.

Our team of experienced writers and illustrators have worked hard to create a magazine that is not only enjoyable but is also intentional about helping parents and children grow in their faith together.

We are excited to share this new venture with you and hope that "What's for Dinner?" will become a trusted source of inspiration and encouragement for many families in your church.


It’s engaging

Every issue provides hours' worth of fun activities that result in deep connections, surprising discoveries, and heart-level conversations.

It’s beautiful

Every issue offers stunning, vibrant illustrations that delight kids and capture the imagination of their grownups.

It’s inspiring

Every issue invites families to jump into action and make a positive difference in their corner of the world. After all, faith is a verb, not a noun.

We know you're going to love "What's for Dinner?" and we want to encourage you to take advantage of our early bird discount by pre-ordering now.

Not only will you get first access to this amazing new magazine, but you'll also save big.

The release date for "What's for Dinner?" is the end of May 2023, so don't wait - pre-order now!

This magazine will make a perfect end of school gift for kids to help them grow in faith during the summer.

And you may also want to pass it out at the end of your camp or VBS to make it easier for kids to stay connected to God at home.


pre-order & save


SIZE: 17” x 11” when open

PAGES: between 52-60

DATE: all pre-orders will be mailed out the last week of May



Do you have an amazing faith-nurturing resource that you’d like to advertise in “What’s for Dinner?” We’d like to hear about it! Email Dema at hello@wearekidmin.com