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The Great Money Adventure workshop
The Great Money Adventure workshop

An 8-week Bible-based, family-centered, results-driven training that takes children on a journey of making their own money and ultimately, making a difference in their world.

Perfect for:

  • Christian school

  • Church-setting

  • Home or homeschool

  • Day camp

  • Zoom (online learning)

Interested in guiding your children to a new way of thinking about money, business, and using their resources for God’s glory? 

This course will give children a healthy and positive view of money. Here’s what they’ll learn:

  • True prosperity is not about toys and trinkets, it's about influence and impact.

  • The more money we make, the more impact we can have.

  • Money is just a tool that allows us to influence more people in a bigger way.

  • Real prosperity is defined by how much we give away, not how much we keep for ourselves.

  • Prosperity is about blessing, not possessing.

Each lesson includes:

  • Student Worksheets (full color, engaging and professionally designed pages)

  • Leader Guide (PDF)

Leader Guides have active video links, illustrations and other supplemental materials that give teachers and parents all the tools and strategies for hosting weekly coaching sessions.

Ideal student age: 8+

Ideal learning setting: church, private school, home, day camp

Great for community outreach!


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